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Washington State: Three 36 Month Auto Loans Under 2.0% APR

At the close of 2010, there were at least three credit unions in Washington State offering 36 month auto loans at less than 2.0% APR. Though car dealerships do at times offer rates below 2.0%, it is rare for banks and credit unions to offer auto loans at rates even as low as 3.0%.

The three loans in question are not open for just anyone. Most likely, the credit unions offering these loans will require that applicants are members of the credit union, meaning that they will need to live within a certain geographical area. The top three 36-month auto loan rates in Washington State are offered by the Navy Federal Credit Union with auto loans in Silverdale, WA at 1.79% APR, the NW Priority Credit Union, Vancouver, WA, 1.99% APR, and the QualStar Credit Union, offering auto loans in Tacoma, WA, at 1.99%.

To learn more about these loans, it is best to visit the appropriate credit union’s website.