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Extra Speed Enforcement in WA State Nets Over 500 Citations

Police departments across the nation occasionally set up top priority enforcement areas. Extra officers and man hours are dedicated to those target areas for a short time. Between July 15 and August 7, extra law enforcement patrols were out in search of speeding drivers in the Benton and Franklin County areas of Washington state. The effort garnered over 500 citations.

The enforcement effort garnered 481 speeding tickets, 13 aggressive driving citations, 18 cell phone violations, three DUIs , 44 seat belt infractions, nine child passenger safety violations, 75 uninsured motorist, and 23 suspended/revoked license citations. These are some pretty outrageous numbers for such a short enforcement period. 

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While this particular enforcement area was in Washington state, it is common practice around the country to set up these target areas. Since you can never keep track of all of them in your area, your best bet is to obey all traffic laws and pay your insurance bill.